NOW AVAILABLE – the NEW GR LuckyDelta holster carrier with Blade-Tech OWB holster-body!

The new GR LuckyDelta holster carrier was produced by the famous IPSC champion and sports shooting equipment producer Guga Ribas according to the instructions of Austria’s multiple IPSC Production division champion Bosko Rasovic.

This holster carrier is based on the multiple adjustable GR Holster OFA 2015. Instead of the GR speedholster-body an adapter plate was designed for attachment of Blade-Tech OWB holster bodies. Within a few seconds any kind of Blade-Tech holster body can be attached to the GR-LD holster carrier. The holster carrier can be perfectly adjusted laterally, in altitude and grade. IPSC and IDPA shooters will have no longer discussions with ROs regarding requested minimum distance between the pistol and the shooter‘s body.

The holster body carrying part can be easily detached with a rapid fastening screw from the belt attachment. The holster and the Rig can be packed comfortably in the range bag.

The GR-LD holster carrier is also being offered as a separate product without the Blade-Tech holster body. LIFETIME WARRANTY applies.

Shooters who already own a Blade-Tech OWB Holster can upgrade their holsters within a few seconds with the GR-LD holster carrier to a professional competition and duty holster. LuckyDelta has chosen Guga Ribas and Blade-Tech as component suppliers as they both provide top-quality products. Their simple but highly sophisticated solutions are lifting their products up from other holster producers.

Guga Ribas is granting highest quality with his name on his products. Blade-Tech is emphasizing in fitting accuracy. The wide Blade-Tech front sight channel guaranties that the front sight never scratches the inner side of the holster. The front sight will remain black and won’t be shiny with disturbing reflexions during aiming.


  • GR LuckyDelta Holster Carrier … EUR 95,-
  • GR LuckyDelta Complete Holster consisting of GR-LD Holster Carrier with  Blade-Tech OWB Holster BodyEUR 135,-
  • Each additional Blade-Tech OWB Holster Body … EUR 65,-

More information about this product can be found in the LuckyDelta eShop.

Contact us by e-mail or phone +4367688700800.

Bosko Rasovic – LuckyDelta



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